SRG Planning Retreat
& Classical Music Rising Meeting
Portland, OR
August 2018

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Over 50 top executives from SRG members and invited guests gathered for SRG's annual planning retreat. This year's meeting focused on strategic plans for SRG and its members in a time of digital transformation. The conversation moved from draft goals developed by SRG's board of directors to proposed action items to advance the collective agenda.

Some 30 leaders of classical music public radio stations participated in the final gathering for Classical Music Rising, which immediately followed the retreat. The classical sessions included discussions of music rights, digital strategy, and engagement and philanthropy, with an eye to how the momentum of Classical Music Rising can carry forward within SRG and elsewhere.


Strategic Context
This opening presentation set the stage for a retreat focused on strategic shifts for SRG and its members. In this version, the slide deck has been re-shuffled from an "ingoing" sequence to a moving forward frame.

Principles for Digital Transformation
This thought-starter slide from consultant Quentin Hope kicked off a conversation about turning strategic goals into action. The slide includes on-the-fly edits from the group.

Driving Transformation
At the close of the retreat we reviewed key points of discusion, proposals, and recommendations for SRG's next steps. SRG's board of directors will integrate these ideas with its ongoing strategic planning work.


Clasical State of Play
A review of classical music's role within public radio, the audience performance of classical stations, the impact of market factors on classical stations, and a look to the digital space.

Digital Strategies
Judy McAlpine's discussion outline to review options for advancing classical stations' digital work.

Engagement and Philanthropy
Deborah Lein's reflections on her work with classical stations regrding engagement activities and their intersection with pursuit of philanthropic support. Deborah added notes at the bottom of each slide to expand upon the key concepts.