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Classical Music Rising is a collaborative project of leading classical stations to shape the future of classical music radio as the field confronts evolution in delivery across multiple broadcast and digital platforms, demographic and cultural change, and significant disruption throughout the music industry. The initiative centers on strategy, innovative tactics, and collective action - all informed by ongoing research and analysis.

Get quick facts and stats in the Classical Music Public Radio fact sheet.


Our "Workforce" Working Group surveyed the field to create a first-ever profile of the size, composition, and training needs of classical stations' staff, as well as trends in hiring, staff development, and recruitment.

The Working Group's report is sobering, highlighting impending generational change, the need for training in new skills, and obstacles to achieving the diversity in staffing that many stations seek. But it also recommends concrete steps for building and sustaining the workforce of the future.

Classical Radio Workforce Report – the findings and recommendations of our Working Group.

Classical Radio Workforce Survey Results – a deeper dive into the results of our three surveys: all-classical stations, mixed format news and classical stations, and national organizations.


There is a good news story unfolding here that will be surprising to some: a growing audience for classical music radio throughout the day and across the country.

Public Radio Classical Audience – a report from NPR Audience Insights, comparing hour-by-hour listening in 2016 to 2012.

State of Play – a presentation by SRG's Tom Thomas and Terry Clifford, featuring audience analysis from Walrus Research.


Station partners gathered in Phoenix on August 3rd and 4th, 2016. Here are slides from presentations at the meeting:

Overview of Strategies (Judy McAlpine)

Partner Thoughts and Themes (Wende Persons)

Digital Activities (Matt Abramovitz)

Marketing (Wende Persons)

Read the full project description.

Wende Persons is the Managing Director of Classical Music Rising. Read about her here.

Classical Music Rising is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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