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"More diverse, inclusive, and fair organizations that rectify racism and sexism and better reflect the diversity of our communities"

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Looking back

"Diversity" was the first chapter of Public Radio in the New Network Age, the 2010 report of the Public Radio Audience Growth Task Force.

You can read that chapter here.

Reflect the Diversity of the Community

In June 2020 SRG set out a multi-part plan to improve the quality and impact of members' journalism by better reflecting the diversity of our communities. The plan is based on discussions at SRG retreats and board meetings, member surveys, commentaries from the field, and audience data.

SRG has since expanded its diversity and inclusion efforts to members' music stations, which both share some challenges with news operations, but also have their own paths and opportunities.

Read "Reflect the Diversity of the Community – June 2020".

DEI Forums for Members and National Leaders

SRG is convening ongoing forums for "what comes next" in members' work to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion:

  • Peer-to-peer exchanges that are especially and uniquely germane to SRG members
  • Specific actions that can be applied across local public media organizations
  • Concrete results as members achieve them.
Bill Davis, former President and CEO of Southern California Public Radio, is planning and producing the forums for SRG.

Listen to the Forums here:

Launching the Race & Justice Unit at WNYC New York
    Jami Floyd, Senior Editor, and Arun Venugopal, Host and Senior Reporter, Race & Justice Unit, WNYC
A Business Case for Diversity and
Blueprinting the Needed Change - APM | MPR
    Presentation slides
    Morris Goodwin, SVP and CFO; Craig Helmstetter, Managing Partner, APM Research Lab; Nam Provost, Director, Diversity & Inclusion – with Dave Kansas, EVP and COO, and Duchesne Drew, President, MPR
Collaborations to Support Black Music (6.3.21) Inclusive Talent Strategies | Bush Foundation (5.27.21) KPCC | LAist Los Angeles (4.15.21)
    Presentation slides
    Ashley Alvarado, Director of Community Engagement, Kristen Muller, Chief Content Officer, and Herb Scannell, President and CEO
ideastream Cleveland (3.4.21 Q&A portion only)
    Kevin Martin, President and CEO, Mike Shafarenko, Chief Experience Officer, and Laura Fillbach, Audience Experience Producer
NPR Chief Diversity Officer Keith Woods (2.11.21)

New England News Collaborative (12.15.20)
    Jim Schachter, President and CEO, New Hampshire Public Radio and Vanessa de la Torre, Executive Editor, New England News Collaborative
Local strategies - WFAE Charlotte and WUWM Milwaukee (12.8.20)
    Joe O'Connor, President and CEO and Ju-Don Marshall, Chief Content Officer, WFAE

    John Hess, Director and General Manager and Ele Ellis, Content Manager, WUWM
Local strategies - CapRadio Sacramento and KCUR Kansas City (12.1.20}
    Jun Reina, General Manager, Joe Barr, Chief Content Officer, and Sarah Mizes-Tan, Race and Equity Reporter, CapRadio

    KCUR presentation slides
    Sarah Morris, Interim General Manager, and Briana O'Higgins, Director of Audience Development, KCUR
Local strategies - WHYY Philadelphia and Vermont Public Radio (11.17.20 recording unavailable)
    Kyra McGrath, Executive Vice President and COO, and Sandra Clark, Vice President for News and Civic Dialogue, WHYY Philadelphia

    Scott Finn, President and CEO, and Elodie Reed, Digital Producer, Vermont Public Radio

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