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If Satellite Radio Went Away Tomorrow Sirius XM is in dire straits, facing mountains of debt. But Edison Media's Sean Ross highlights programming challenges that satellite radio has posed for terrestrial broadcasters that remain unanswered.

The Local News Initiative (LNI) is a national effort to increase public radio's value to listeners by identifying services and projects that will enhance station capacity to provide quality, in-depth news.

Reinventing Public Radio CPB Senior VP for Radio Bruce Theriault challenges program directors to "throw open the doors" to diversity and youth and enter an era of converged media.

The Next Big Thing A call for re-invention of classical music radio as masses of aging Baby Boomers enter their 50s and 60s, by John Silliman Dodge, VP of Programming at Portland's KBPS.

Audience 2010 Reinvigorating Public Radio's Public Service & Public Support: a series of reports by Walrus Research and AudiGraphics Inc commissioned by the Radio Research Consortium.

The Bedroom Project Arbitron and Jacobs Media conducted innovative research to observe young Americans interacting with technology and media in their natural habitats—their homes, dorm rooms, cars and, yes, their bedrooms.

Has Radio Lost the College Grads? by Larry Rosin, Edison Media. Dramatic diffreences in radio use between college grads and others.

The Brown Paper A wide-ranging outline of opportunities to serve Latinos in the United States prepared by the Latino Public Radio Consortium in 2007.

Biggest audience gainers focus on the basics of good radio While new-listener initiatives pay off over the course of several years, there are audience-building initiatives that can show results in weeks or months. A Current commentary by Eric Nuzum.

Why Old Technologies Are Still Kicking by Steve Lohr. A New York Times essay.

Larry Irving at Beyond Broadcast. A provocative address by the former head of the National Telecommujnications and Information Adminsitration, talking about policy, public media, and politics.

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