Over the summer PRX assessed the current state of public radio stations’ online strategies with an in-depth review of progress at members of the Station Resource Group. The findings were first presented at SRG's annual planning retreat and are available as a slide presentation here. [Note that you can view the presentation full screen by clicking the screen icon in the bottom right of the frame.]

The assessment included some 10 interviews with station managers and directors, a short self-assessment survey, and review of web sites by an outside "auditor" across a number of criteria.

The PRX team was joined by Quentin Hope, who developed the beginnings of a sophisticated strategy mapping tool that helps a station think through high-level goal setting as well as specific task evaluation. You can see the mapping starting on page 54 of the presentation at right..

Stations have decided that the web is central to their future and critical to their public service mission, but they are still searching for ways to translate high-level aspirations into workable strategies and implementation.

PRX continues to consult with stations about these and other pressing issues, and welcomes inquiries from stations or others interested in their perspective and experience. Contact Jake Shapiro (jake at