Audience Intelligence
Understanding Public Media's
Digital Audiences

Overview Report. Read recommendations for next steps and key findings from the work so far.

Project partners for phase one:
  • Southern California Public Radio
  • Chicago Public Media
  • KQED, San Francisco
  • New York Public Radio
  • Oregon Public Broadcasting
  • St. Louis Public Radio

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Audience Intelligence is a multi-phase collaboration of leading public media organizations to gain insights about public media's digital audiences.

Our long-term aim is to move from the aggregated audience estimates of broadcasting to individual, real-time data of the digital age, enabling public media organizations to serve individuals and communities more effectively and efficiently in their content choices, marketing messages, and fundraising.

The first phase of the project extended from June 2016 to October 2017. One goal for this phase was to tap existing data – at both individual stations and through a pooled dataset – to create first-cut digital audience profiles.

Concurrently we worked to build the systems that will support such work on an ongoing basis – assessing and testing analytics tools, developing data sharing protocols, strengthening local analytics systems, and framing next steps for continuing growth in our capacity to generate digital audience insights.

Lighthouse Datalab was the principal data analytics and data science advisor for phase one. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting provided financial support for our work.

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