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We are excited to launch SRG's Mobile Giving Project!

At the SRG 2015 Planning Retreat we discussed working together to move us forward with this important tool for individual giving. Something on a relatively fast time line; something where we would benefit from a collective effort; something we could do on our own without depending on CPB or a foundation.

Mark Fuerst is working with us to drive this project, bringing his "change agent" portfolio from the Public Media Futures Forums. This will extend a long line of productive SRG collaborations with Mark. We have recruited a highly-regarded lead consultant, Nick Allen of Nuevo Fundraising, who has worked with some of the top nonprofits in the country.

We have a great group of SRG members participating in the project - large enough to capture a variety of experiences and formats in our testing and cover the expenses, but not too many for a genuine collective effort. Each station is paying $8,500 toward project costs.

Follow the link above for a 3-page overview of the project, which includes the responsibilities of the participants.

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