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At each station
At project launch, Results Group consultants will hold a day-long working meeting and planning session at each station. Visits will be scheduled at the convenience of the station. The visit should include the following elements:

Tour of the facility with brief overview of programming content.

Group meeting with all executive and development members of the Project Team.

Meeting with full Project Team, including board members, possibly over lunch.

Meeting with the Project Team Leader and other fundraising staff to discuss workplan and goals.

Final wrap-up session with staff members of the Project Team.

One Results Group consultant will return to each station about three months into the project and again about eight months in for intensive training of the Project Team.

Joint training and planning sessions
Each stationís Project Team Leader (a member of the development staff) is required to participate in a full day "kick off" planning workshop produced especially for the Major Gift Initiative stations. Other staff Team members, especially general managers, are invited and encouraged to take advantage of this training opportunity. The workshop provides a unique opportunity to meet project peers and to interact with participating Project Teams from other stations.

Phone meetings
Every month, Project Team Leaders will have one-hour working phone meetings with project consultants. Preparation for these working meetings will be required. The focus of these meetings will be to review steps taken in the past month and to outline strategies for the month ahead.

There will be two telephone conference calls with staff from all of the participating stations during the project. These calls will be tightly organized around common themes and emerging challenges of the project.

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