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Leaders Partnership stations have all remarked on the impact of the major gifts program on their external relations with their communities, as well as within their institutions.
  • Stations are changing their image. Where once stations asked almost exclusively for low-dollar support, stations are making the case for, and receiving, higher support from the same prospect pool that has sent $100 in the past. Stations are changing the perception of their organization from bit player to contender for higher gifts.

  • The role of the board is evolving. There is a new comfort level with board recruitment that assumes board members will both give themselves and ask others in the community to give as well. Major gift programs need strong board solicitors as part of the team.

  • On-air and other station staff are, often to their own surprise, enjoying the cultivation visits to the station by donors and prospects. Staff are becoming familiar with articulating the station’s mission, its technology, and its importance to its listeners.

  • Development staff say they have just scratched the surface of a potential gold mine. Major gift "asks"are having dramatic results short term and appear to have the prospect of even more valuable impact in the longer term. Gifts of stock that appear unsolicited, donors who are considering bequests, prospects who double and triple their past gifts—these were tantalizing fairy tales to all of them a year ago. Today, these events are actually happening.

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