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Station Impact

Financial Results
"We now have specific proof and realization that a major donor program can be a real benefit. We have measurable results. We see a targeted audience."

"We have seen an increase in $1,000 and above members. We have also seen a substantial increase in the number of gifts to the station in the $500 to $999 range. And our donorsí perception of what an annual subscription to the station is worth has increased."

"The project has made us examine the importance of major gifts to our future and realize the potential income that is just waiting for us to ask for itÖ My only reservation was whether people would give as much to an annual campaign as to a capital campaign. I found that yes, they will."

"The advisory board has become a 100% active contributing board. Our board has also begun to actively participate in the prospecting and solicitation process of other donors."

Community Impact
"As we have talked more about major gifts on the air, donors seem to be accepting the station as an organization that deserves larger gifts. The more face-to-face meetings we have with donors, the more they see the station as a friend that deserves their generous support."

"This project has gotten people in our community to start thinking 'big'! Instead of always viewing public radio as the grassroots organization worthy of only a $25 to $100 gift, we now have people thinking that $500 to $1,000 is a more appropriate annual gift."

"Iíve been surprised at how strong the correlation between personal contact and increased gifts has been... Donors are more aware of the immense costs involved in bringing them their favorite programs. They view the station as living, breathing individuals instead of just voices coming over the radio. Donors are more confident that their requests, questions, and comments are being addressed."

"Donors now believe their gifts are going to a worthwhile, well-run organization with a stated mission and goals. They feel part of our staff 'family'-well connected or at least 'more connected.' They actually enjoy hearing from us-rather than us asking for money all the time."

"Some of these people have been waiting a long time for the station to ask them for larger gifts, to show that we care."

"Donors seem more informed about how our station is using their money and less confused about our relationship with NPR. They are also starting to view the station more as an important community institution than they had in the past."

Institutional Impact
"A significant effect for us was the board's realization that we have major donor prospects at a higher level than they realized or perceived. And that solicitation of major donors would be something they can easily and willingly assist staff with."

"This project has become an all-station team effort-even the receptionist is on top of who the major donors are, what letters and materials are available for them and most important-how to answer their calls, visits and questions. On-air staff and reporters have had opportunity to meet donors, find out their interests, favorite programs-get one-on-one as well."

"The on-air staff members are now more comfortable asking for large gifts during membership drives. All staff are starting to gain a clearer understanding about the importance of cultivation of donors and the fact that donors really value the opportunity to meet programming staff."

"There has been a move away from 'compartmentalized' goals toward long-range, big-picture thinking. We've developed a more donor-driven mentality."

"Our news team is more in tune with the importance of having the major donors meet them and see exactly what they do. Our program director and chief engineer enjoy showing off the newest in broadcast technology and have become quite good at explaining complicated technology in laymanís terms."

"The project has forced us to rethink how we ask donors for money and how we show our appreciation. As general manager, I also think it is beginning to force us to rethink how we expend our development energies. I have found myself more directly involved in this effort than I had previously been in fundraising. I also believe that our development team has to rethink the way they spend their time."

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