Leaders Partnership

Next Steps

As Leaders Partnership stations look ahead, they will work to address the following priorities:

  • Continue the evolution of the board's responsibility for raising money and generating annual personal gifts, including an active development subcommittee that regularly reviews prospects and strategies.

  • Further develop the role of the general manager as a key spokesperson for the station in the community and to foster the position of the station as a valued institution that contributes to the cultural life of the region.

  • More adequate staffing in the major gifts area. Since the "high touch" and personalized aspect of major gifts work brings the best results, a major gifts program requires a higher staff to donor ratio than other types of fundraising. The three LP stations with the most success in major gifts allocated at least 50% of the time of one professional development staff person to this work.

  • Integrate the cultivation of major donors into all aspects of the station's activities and communications.

  • Use donor research and electronic database screening to identify high-potential prospects on the membership list. Stations typically obtained major gifts by upgrading current donors. The next step is to identify and qualify new prospective major donors among their other members.

  • Improving written materials of all kinds to be more informative about the mission and work of the station and more responsive to the listener/donor perspective.

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Leaders Partnership

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