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The Public Radio Format Study – Two reports track important differences associated with public radio's different formats. An in-depth look at performance over the past six years.
Financial Patterns
July 2006
Listening Patterns
December 2005

Attack Ourselves – a think piece on strategic differentiation of public radio news formats.

Local Content Top Performers – programming that serves the audience and larger station interests.

Keeping the Morning Edition Audience – lessons from stations that do it right.

The Program Ledger – a framework for evaluating the performance of station programming.

SRG's work to strengthen local content creation.

SRG and PRPD's research on the value and values of classical music radio.

Programming is at the center of each SRG member's work. SRG is increasingly focusing its activities on ways in which public radio can increase the effectiveness of its programming services and stations' signifcance in their communities.

Grow the Audience is SRG's most ambitious effort to to set out a roadmap for program innovation and news services that will significantly increase the reach, use, and diversity of public radio's audience.

Local content creation is central to many stations' mission and a path to distinctive identity and significance in a competitive and crowded media landscape. SRG is exploring the costs and benefits of this work, case sutdies of especially successful work, and benchmarking local programming performance.

Charting the Territory explores content and service strategies that are taking today's public radio stations to the public service media companies of the future. Read about the assumptions, design, and findings of the initiative.

The Public Radio Exchange (PRX) is a web-based bridge linking public radio producers and stations in a way that allows content to move through the public radio system more "horizontally." It provides a means for stations to find an array of programming outside the major national vehicles. It supports interactive programming collaborations among stations and supports initiatives such as local showcases for innovative work. PRX was launched as a collaboration of SRG and Atlantic Public Media and developed within SRG from 2001 through 2009.

    Generation PRX – an initiative to connect youth radio groups around the country.

Read Envision a Larger Success , SRG Co-CEO Tom Thomas's thoughts on public radio's victories, missteps, and future based on a 1999 presentation at the Public Radio Program Directors annual conference. 
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Fundamental service strategy concerns are ascending at many SRG stations. Primary issues ahead include the vitality of members' current schedules, the content and audience priorities for additional services, the control and management of our current content as it moves to new delivery modes, and the development of new content appropriate to new media.

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